The experienced trial lawyers of Ellis Painter represent a wide range of clients in both state and federal courts. In our litigation practice, we have a strong track record of success at trial and on appeal. Ellis Painter handles a variety of litigation, including…

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Insurance and Self-Insured Defense

Ellis Painter’s trial practice includes the representation of numerous insurance companies and self-insured organizations in a wide variety of matters. Ellis Painter is approved counsel for many nationally recognized insurance carriers and values those long term relationships. To learn more about Ellis Painter’s areas of insurance defense expertise, please click on the topics listed below.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Property Damage

The firm’s attorney work with the insurance company, clients and local business owners to assist in handling, adjusting and collecting on property damage claims.

Premises Liability

The firms’ attorneys are often called upon to assist business; injured clients in investigating; defending claims of personal injury arising from accidents at home; in business, including trip or slip, falls and security breaches.

Insurance Coverage

Often the firms’ attorneys work with their long standing insurance clients to review insurance policies, analyze the application of policy provisions to claims or suits, draft coverage opinion lettters; handle litigation regarding insurance coverage. The attorneys are very experienced; uniquely qualified given their extensive insurance work.

Trucking Litigation

Unfortunately, accidents involving tractor-trailers, heavy trucks result in claims. Our attorneys have years of experience investigating & reviewing accidents; potential claims as well as handling litigation over claims. The attorneys are often called to investigate accidents within 24 hours. The attorneys have also had great success defending jury trials involving tractor trailer accidents.

Professional Liability

Ellis Painter’s trial practice attorneys actively and zealously defend clients in all areas of professional liability claims and litigation. This practice area concentrates in the representation of clients in professional fields such as construction, architecture, engineering, legal, medical, dental and real estate.

Our attorneys are often called upon to defend professionals from malpractice claims including medical, dental, legal; Construction (architects/engineers) claims. We have handled many claims successfully through trial with results which vindicate our clients; their professional work.

Commercial and Corporate Litigation

The attorneys of Ellis Painter represent corporations of every size and character in a vast array of litigation matters, including disputes arising from mergers and acquisitions, from breaches of commercial contracts, and from controversies involving corporate directors or shareholders.

Construction Litigation

Ellis Painter attorneys represent owners, general contractors, sub-contractors, architects and engineers, their insurers and sureties in an industrial, governmental, commercial and residential construction matters. Our services range from contract formation and review of Litigation, mediation and arbitration of various construction disputes.

Domestic and Family Law

Our attorneys are skilled in all litigation involving domestic issues such as divorce, modification, contempt; litigation.

Employment Practices Litigation

Ellis Painter attorneys defend employment claims including EEOC charges, state law claims, and claims arising under various federal employment laws such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, FMLA, FLSA, ADA, OWBPA and ADEA. Please refer to the practice area entitled Labor and Employment [make this a link to that area] for more information on the experience of Ellis Painter attorneys regarding employment matters.

Banking & Lender Litigation

Our attorneys are leaders in Georgia in handling litigation arising from banking transactions as well as lender liability litigation. We often successfully defend wrongful foreclosure suits as well as represent banks in confirmation actions following foreclosures.

Admiralty and Maritime Litigation

The firms’ attorneys are skilled at handling all types of admiralty and Maritime Litigation in a variety of venues.

Trusts & Estates Litigation

Unfortunately, families often experience difficulties in probate matters resulting in litigation. Our attorneys have decades of experience in successfully handling litigation related to probate; disputes over trusts; estates.